Friday, 16 March 2012


Capitalism. To talk about it is so confusing, I tried to make it simple, to put all the blame directly to the word capitalism itself. In the end, I found out that, I am a hypocrite!

Look, I am complaining about my wages, I am complaining about the living cost, I am complaining almost about everything. I think too much? Of course! I am fully utilising my own brain. 

I maybe not a true punk rocker, anarchist or even an activist myself. Ok, fine, yalah-yalah, I always wanted to be a true punk rocker, anarchist and an activist! But, to live with you guys in this world, its never about a one man show, let us all live in solidarity, kan?! I hate the word ‘hero’ as much as I hate superman, spiderman and all the man man man man. Fortunately Woody Guthrie, Charlie Chaplin did mind to used the word ‘man’ at the end of their names. Woody GuthrieMAN or Charlie ChaplinMAN? Weird! Fucking bullshit weird! My name is RAY, do not ever call me rayMAN. Hmmm, I am thinking too much am I? Motivate yourself, “we are what we are!”

Back to the capitalism things again. What is it with the word capitalism, what lies beneath it, what is hidden deep inside it. Why is it sound like a total bullshit when we are mentioning the word capitalism? Is it wrong? Is it a sin? A taboo? Hell no, hell yes! We do capitalism everywhere everytime. Booooo, booooo, boooooo! See, we are all actually living alive behind the mask of capitalism, ok-lah, you are not, I am the only one doing it. Ok, so let me tell you stories ‘about ME’ and all the capitalism stuff. I am trying hard enough to minimize consumerism, again I am motivating myself here.

1st. I talk too much about all the bad things that makes our living cost go crazy. I am complaining about my salary because I don’t have enough money to buy [@ hutang, to be exact!] my own house, but actually, in real life, I managed to have this and that, consuming here and there, overbuying bla bla bla. While I kept my life busy with all the complaining stuff, I forgot about my brothers and sisters living isolated in every parts of the world are dying, starving, begging for clean water and shelters. 

2nd. I am listening too much music from mainstream to the underground diy stuff, judging their riffs, ‘melodies’, skills, technics and I forgot about the lyrics, the messages which are so important [mainstream music don’t have one, really?]. But for the past 2-3 years, message come first for me. Its never too hard to understand the lyrics from the bands like Marjinal, Dum Dum Tak, Carburetor Dung, Made In Kilang, Arah Kiri, Bunga Hitam, Merah Hitam, Desa Lukanegara, and many more [just to name a few, actually most of the diy bands out there always come out with messages in their lyrics]. 

3rd. I am 100% against LYNAS just like majority of you guys out there in Pahang and all over Malaysia. But, I am myself working in an oil & gas company. We are dealing with dangerous stuff, producing ‘not so environment-friendly’ waste from our plant, but of course we are fully aware of the danger and all of us are well trained. Sound so bias isn’t it? Aduuhhhh. Too hard to understand? Okay, to be fair and I will make this look ‘easy to understand’, we used soap, toothpaste and a lot of things made from chemical substances in our daily life. Where do you think all the waste from our kitchens, bathrooms go to? We drive cars and releasing carbon monoxide to the air, we are demanding for electricity generation which is mostly generated by coal, natural gas, nuclear, hydro. What happen if we use too much of electricity generation? Why do you use air-conditioner? We even drink soft drinks from a ‘glass’ made from aluminium, plastics. Ever wonder how do these things being processed? Put some efforts to get the knowledge for everything you might use and consume in your everyday life, and you might be surprise to see what is really happening behind all this and that. Technology is good, but with no proper control, good things easily turn to bad and worst. Bla bla bla.

4th. 1Borneo, Suria Sabah, and all the gigantic shopping complex all around your hometown. Buying a pair of shoe, where will you prefer to look for that? Shopping complex? Small shop? If you really want to minimize consumerism, you know what to do. Its your call. Again, this is bias, I myself wore a pair of original Chuck Taylor. Oklah, motivation time again. I have friends who like to press their own designs into a t’shirts and make some money out of it for their own efforts. So, what did I do? Instead of buying new cloths from the famous brands, I am now wearing diy t’shirts from various creative designers out there. If you need some name to put the ‘blame’, nah, Omega Shop and Wukhard from Sabah, Kedai Hitam Putih from Kelantan, just to name a few. That was where I bought all my shirts. RM200 for qualities and quantities, hows that? Again, its your call. Foods? Learn how to cook, at least you can cook your own favorite food, simple. Its never about coercion, ‘just minimizing’.

5th. Education, colleges, universities. As long as you have ‘plenty of money’ inside your pocket, or, eeemmmmm, loan? Wuhu! Hutang lagi! See, I am complaining. Most of us will have to play by the rules of this bullshit system, going for it and get a job, survive. Its all written in the ‘holy book’ of the ‘god of the sick system’. Motivation time again! You now a student, manipulate all your time, get as much knowledge from your lecturers, your parent’s money, loans and get the result. You now have a ‘bridge’ to cross the ‘barrier’ and get a job. You now have a job [wow, that fast?], believe in the power of the people, you are the 99%. Ever heard of the workers union? Get involve and always fight for your rights. Manipulate everything [MTUC,EPF, SOCSO, CUEPACS, etcs] for the good of everyone. Again, its your call!

6th, 7th, 8th,9th, 10th. Bla bla bla. Too much things to share. Too much things to complain. Too many things to fight. There are a lot things need to be learn. Stop the ignorance!

Instead of consuming everything to support all this bullshit so called capitalism, why don’t we minimize everything. Cook your own food, wear what you can afford, bla bla bla bla. Its all about common sense. This land is your land. Fight for your rights. Again, stop the ignorance, work together, learn together. Share all the good things. Don’t let anyone tell you, you are not worth the earth. You are the 99%! Selamat! Sukses!

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Selamat! Sukses!

Writing is never about a format, its all about the meat underneath the skin. Sorry for my bad mouth, but I don't do killing. Argument may be an excuses for hatred, but still it doesn't mean we can kill each other. That's fact! Sorry for all the misbehavior I have done before, I am still me, always going to be me, with the same mindset. Human will never be 100 percent perfect, even 1 percent is counted. Yet, we all have some 'room' for mistakes, mistake that needs to be follow up with a better outcome for the next time. Might sound like another excuses, but hey, that's us. Again, we all have some 'room' for mistake. All we need are friends, friends for solidarity.